Posted by: agulliblegirl | May 21, 2010

Before and Progress Photos

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you my latest youtube video of my progress!

If your not taking pics now…you need to START!

Posted by: agulliblegirl | May 15, 2010

Drumsticks are Evil


I lost the battle tonight. I let it beat me down. It wasn’t even that good. That little bitch of a piece of chicken. Sorry. I apologize I really shouldn’t talk about her that way. That little drumstick with those red tomatoes floating around it. She didn’t do anything. My son said he was done eating. I should have taken that  plate straight to the sink. Dump it. I could have even used the disposal. Something. Anything. Instead of my mouth. My hand was reaching. My mouth was chewing. I swallowed. I should’ve spit… out.

But I didn’t. And now I’m here with this regret. Way to introduce myself! Well I suppose at least I don’t have anywhere else to go but up from here. ;p

So,  let’s just put my little cheat behind us ok? Hey we’re moving forward now. Come on.

Up until this point I have been pretty succesful on the HCG protocol. Oh gosh I’m bringing up the past aren’t I?? I like basics. So I follow Dr. Simeons Pounds & Inches. I thought about getting into the whole Kevin Trudeau thing but I can’t be bothered with all of that detoxing.  Now I’m not downing his whole organic theory,  but umm Whole Foods is expensive. ‘Nough said.

Currently I’m on R1P2VLCD33 and really itching to get to P3. I’ve lost 31.3 pounds. Yea I’m pretty shocked still myself. It’s great. I feel wonderful. I had to remind myself today that I’m still fat. That’s how good I feel. But like I said I’m ready to move into P3. Ready for a few new food choices. Ready to stabilize. Ease into P4 and then rage full force ahead into Round 2. If your thinking, ” What in the hell is this chic talking about?” 

Then I’m thinking, ” Go to the “HCG?” page and get familiar with the lingo.” 🙂

You’ll be glad you did.

Posted by: agulliblegirl | April 19, 2010

Why HCG?

I’ve been fat my whole life. Well in my head. When I was younger and I’m talkin elementary school days..I was told I was too skinny. The adults made me eat. So I did. I must have liked it because there was no stopping me from that point forward. I ate my way through middle school…thru high school. Fast food. Loved it. Couldn’t get enough.

Then, there I stood. On a scale. In a doctors office that I’m pretty skillful at avoiding. Until I wanted weight loss meds. Phentermine to be exact. I’d thought to myself, “I’ve used it before. I can use it again. Plus I’m not that big..shoot can’t be more than 200 pounds. Right?”

WRONG. Very wrong. Oh how wrong I was. It wasn’t that I was surprised. I was simply in denial. But you can’t deny an old school scale with a gum smackin nurse staring at you, muttering something like, “Oh well you can’t tell you weigh that much.”

Thanks Nurse. Now give me my phentermine.

I left that day thinking that I could get back to…what? I didn’t know where I wanted to get “back too.” I didn’t have a clear goal in mind. I wasn’t worried about changing my life just my weight.

Day 30. No more phentermine. Total loss of 25 pounds. Mainly because I incorporated exercise. What next? Phentermine again? Made another doctors appointment to get my script. Went to sleep that night knowing that in just 2 weeks I would have my phentermine again. I wasn’t blissfully happy but I was satisfied.

And then everything changed. A friend had mentioned B-12 shots for weight loss to me. So of course I googled it like I do everything. This led me to Youtube which led me to the HCG protocol.

I started loading on April 10, 2010.  3 days of Loading and 35 days of the VLCD. I lost a total of 34.8 pounds.

I was amazed. The HCG and I worked hard for that 34.8 pounds. I am now in Phase 3 and so far so good. Stabilizing nicely and feeling good.

If you have questions about the protocol please feel free to shoot them to me whenever.