Posted by: agulliblegirl | April 19, 2010

Why HCG?

I’ve been fat my whole life. Well in my head. When I was younger and I’m talkin elementary school days..I was told I was too skinny. The adults made me eat. So I did. I must have liked it because there was no stopping me from that point forward. I ate my way through middle school…thru high school. Fast food. Loved it. Couldn’t get enough.

Then, there I stood. On a scale. In a doctors office that I’m pretty skillful at avoiding. Until I wanted weight loss meds. Phentermine to be exact. I’d thought to myself, “I’ve used it before. I can use it again. Plus I’m not that big..shoot can’t be more than 200 pounds. Right?”

WRONG. Very wrong. Oh how wrong I was. It wasn’t that I was surprised. I was simply in denial. But you can’t deny an old school scale with a gum smackin nurse staring at you, muttering something like, “Oh well you can’t tell you weigh that much.”

Thanks Nurse. Now give me my phentermine.

I left that day thinking that I could get back to…what? I didn’t know where I wanted to get “back too.” I didn’t have a clear goal in mind. I wasn’t worried about changing my life just my weight.

Day 30. No more phentermine. Total loss of 25 pounds. Mainly because I incorporated exercise. What next? Phentermine again? Made another doctors appointment to get my script. Went to sleep that night knowing that in just 2 weeks I would have my phentermine again. I wasn’t blissfully happy but I was satisfied.

And then everything changed. A friend had mentioned B-12 shots for weight loss to me. So of course I googled it like I do everything. This led me to Youtube which led me to the HCG protocol.

I started loading on April 10, 2010.  3 days of Loading and 35 days of the VLCD. I lost a total of 34.8 pounds.

I was amazed. The HCG and I worked hard for that 34.8 pounds. I am now in Phase 3 and so far so good. Stabilizing nicely and feeling good.

If you have questions about the protocol please feel free to shoot them to me whenever.



  1. I am so happy for you congrats. I felt like you reading your story when you said you were in denial about how much you weighed and on. i need to to no so desparately what form of hcg did you use and where did you buy it from. ty so much god bless and good luck smooches

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. Denial is a funny thing.. I use rx hcg and administer it through subq injections. I purchased my hcg from 2 different places. The first round I purchased a complete kit from and for round 2 I purchased from I spend way more time on my youtube channel so if you have any other questions you can visit me there too 🙂

  2. Where did you purchase your hcg

  3. Where did you purchase your hcg.

  4. i’m telling you, YOU are freakin beautiful! you totally pushed me over the edge on this program! i really wish you all the best with everything in your life!! but i have a feeling you’re already makin it happen!:)
    sincerely, shannon 🙂

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